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Make a Real Difference: Help spread ancient healing knowledge globally.
Utilize Your Unique Skills: Whether it’s through content creation, community outreach, or administrative support, your talents are invaluable.
Join a Supportive Community: Work alongside a passionate team dedicated to a meaningful cause.
Experience Personal Growth: Engage in a journey that enriches your own wellness and understanding of holistic health.

Be Part of Our Global Healing Mission

Join us and contribute to an international effort dedicated to sharing holistic healing and wellness.

Support Our Educational Outreach

Assist in creating and disseminating materials that share the wisdom of ancient healing practices with a wider audience.

Help Organize Community Events

Be involved in organizing workshops, seminars, and online events that bring people closer to holistic wellness.

Empowering Through Ancient Practices

Transforming Lives with Holistic Health

Join us in our commitment to sharing Dr. Naram's profound healing techniques, making an impact on both individual and community levels.

By volunteering with us, you become a part of a legacy that transforms lives through holistic health practices.

A Global Movement for Holistic Health

Uniting for Sustainable Health Practices

Your role as a volunteer helps to strengthen a worldwide community that values sustainable and natural health practices. Together, we're making strides in influencing contemporary health approaches with time-tested wisdom.

"Being a part of the Ancient Secrets mission and community is one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life"

Ronney Aden (Golden Angel council, support Ancient Secrets Card Deck)

Engaging in Culturally Rich Experiences

Diverse Opportunities in Our Team

Diverse Volunteer Roles: From digital marketing to event planning, your skills can find a perfect fit.

Culturally Rich Environment: Engage with a diverse team and learn about ancient healing traditions from around the world.

Expanding Knowledge and Skills

Leadership and Growth in Holistic Health

Leadership and Collaboration: Work closely with experienced practitioners and contribute to meaningful projects.

Expand Your Knowledge: Gain insights into ancient healing practices and holistic health principles.

Featured Testimonials from Our Volunteers

“Volunteering with Ancient Secrets Foundation has given me the opportunity to use my artistic talents for helping the foundation's shop. Orphanages supported by the Foundation are helped by the sales and at the same time I've learned so many technical skills and formed friendships with fellow volunteers. Thanks Dr. Clint for this seva opportunity.”



“It's an absolute Joy to volunteer my services to the Ancient Secrets Foundation in various ways. For instance, I was asked to head up the Homeless project, because I go into the streets and help the homeless with things they need a few times a week. I love interacting with others on zooms, sharing ideas on how to help the homeless. I also volunteered to design a web page several months ago for the last Miracle Experiment Experience. I really enjoyed doing that. It is wonderful to do blessed Seva.”

Luke S


“Ancient Secrets has been a God sent for me. Being able to reciprocate and be a part of living love has changed my life so much for the better. Before I started volunteering I was anxious when called to speak publically. Now I lead International calls and have presented at conferences. The benefits of working with amazing people, united in purpose has added such richness to my life. There’s no pressure, just pleasure and a great sense of accomplishment.”

Dr Susan E.


“Volunteering for Ancient Secrets has been life changing for me. It has Reconnected me to my joy of meeting new people trying new things and experiencing new ways of being. I have gained new skills in mentoring, leading small groups and facilitating the potential for growth in all levels not only for myself but the people I have come in contact with. The healing that has occurred for individuals is inspiring and healing for everyone. So thankful. So grateful so blessed to be a part of this wonderful love centered community. I love you and I am with you.”

Susie H.


"My whole life I've always wanted to be a part of a group like this, being led by love."

Debra-Ann GW.


"As I begin my fourth year as a volunteer for the Ancient Secrets community, I find I am in better health. And not only that, it is one of the first groups in my life that I feel so authentically connected to, and where I can truly express my unique gifts."

Carol Ray

Volunteer for Ancient Secrets 101, Miracle Experiment Game mentoring, speaking/writing group, and creation of the books: Ancient Secrets Cookbook, Ancient Secrets for Pets

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The Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer organization embodies the profound legacy of Dr. Naram and the lineage of master healers. It is a tribute to ancient healing practices that have transformed lives for generations. This organization, catalyzed by Dr. Naram and Dr. Clint G. Rogers, aims to disseminate these age-old healing secrets globally. Driven by a team of dedicated volunteers, it promotes holistic wellness, treating mind, body, and spirit with traditional remedies and practices. Through education and empowerment, it makes ancient wisdom accessible in the modern world, continuing the legacy of healing and enriching lives across geographical and cultural boundaries.

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