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Embark on a transformative journey to vibrant health and inner peace with the "Ancient Secrets 101" course. Beginning January 11, 2024, this course is your gateway to mastering the profound tools and principles of Ancient Healing, as outlined in Dr. Clint G. Rogers’ impactful book, "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer."


Get step-by-step guidance on integrating timeless healing practices into modern life, empowering you to overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges.


Be part of an inspiring global network, sharing experiences and supporting each other in applying Ancient Secrets to daily life.


Leverage a wealth of curated content, from marmaa techniques that can shift your life in a minute to home remedies that transform ordinary kitchen ingredients into powerful healing tools.

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What People Are Saying About Ancient Secrets

Since starting the course, I’ve discovered my life's purpose and experienced a new level of health and vitality

Michael Roberts

Web Designer

Learning marmaa shakti opened up new dimensions in my life I never knew existed

Michelle Robes


Understanding the healing power of my own kitchen has revolutionized my approach to health

Linda Thomas


The Inspiration Behind the Ancient Secrets 101 Course

Our course is created by a passionate team of volunteers. With a blend of love and support, they bring the spirit of "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer" to life with the goal of helping you achieve optimal health.

Dr. Clint G Rogers

Author of "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer"

Dr. Clint G. Rogers (PhD) is a university researcher who had no time for ‘alternative medicine,’ until he encountered the ancient healing world of Dr. Pankaj Naram while desperately searching for a solution to keep his own father alive. Since then, Dr. Clint has spent 10 years traveling with Dr. Naram, documenting many ancient secrets and thousands of healing stories. He has now published a book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, in which he shares some of those stories and the ancient secrets which can change your life.

Dr. Pankraj Naram

Master Healer of the Siddha Veda lineage

Dr. Pankaj Naram was an esteemed Master Healer and authority in Ancient Healing Secrets, whose wisdom reached millions globally, including high-profile figures like the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. Through his mastery of pulse diagnosis, marma healing, and herbal remedies, Dr. Naram brought profound health transformations to those with various chronic and acute conditions. Honored by institutions and featured on international platforms, his teachings continue through his students and the Dr. Naram Seva Foundation, perpetuating his vision of bringing ancient healing into every heart and home. His life's work and teachings are encapsulated in the celebrated book "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer."

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Embark on a transformative journey with the "Ancient Secrets 101 Course". Uncover the time-tested wisdom of ancient healing practices and apply them to modern life for profound health and well-being. Select the learning style that suits you best and start on the path to self-discovery and holistic health.

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The Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer organization embodies the profound legacy of Dr. Naram and the lineage of master healers. It is a tribute to ancient healing practices that have transformed lives for generations. This organization, catalyzed by Dr. Naram and Dr. Clint G. Rogers, aims to disseminate these age-old healing secrets globally. Driven by a team of dedicated volunteers, it promotes holistic wellness, treating mind, body, and spirit with traditional remedies and practices. Through education and empowerment, it makes ancient wisdom accessible in the modern world, continuing the legacy of healing and enriching lives across geographical and cultural boundaries.

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