Personalized Healing Consultations

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Dive into a world where ancient healing meets individual care. Our consultations offer personalized guidance, helping you integrate Ancient Secrets into your daily life for optimal health and well-being. Whether you're seeking in-depth insights during a pulse clinic or looking for specific advice through a video consultation, our expert team is ready to assist you on your journey to wellness.

Your Gateway to Ancient Wisdom and Personal Healing

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Experience the ancient art of pulse reading and learn how it can be applied to your health and well-being.

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Connect directly with expert Ayushakti “Vaidya”/doctors in India for personalized advice and insights.

In-Person Consultation Opportunities

Meet with experts face-to-face for a more personal and profound understanding of how Ancient Secrets can transform your health.

Ask the Ancient Secrets GPT Model

Get instant answers and guidance on how to apply Ancient Secrets to your life using our interactive GPT model.

The Inspiration Behind the Ancient Secrets

Our offerings are created by a passionate team of volunteers. With a blend of love and support, they bring the Ancient Secrets to life with the goal of helping you achieve optimal health.

Dr. Clint G Rogers

Author of "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer"

Dr. Clint G. Rogers (PhD) is a university researcher who had no time for ‘alternative medicine,’ until he encountered the ancient healing world of Dr. Pankaj Naram while desperately searching for a solution to keep his own father alive. Since then, Dr. Clint has spent 10 years traveling with Dr. Naram, documenting many ancient secrets and thousands of healing stories. He has now published a book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, in which he shares some of those stories and the ancient secrets which can change your life.

Dr. Pankraj Naram

Master Healer of the Siddha Veda lineage

Dr. Pankaj Naram was an esteemed Master Healer and authority in Ancient Healing Secrets, whose wisdom reached millions globally, including high-profile figures like the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. Through his mastery of pulse diagnosis, marma healing, and herbal remedies, Dr. Naram brought profound health transformations to those with various chronic and acute conditions. Honored by institutions and featured on international platforms, his teachings continue through his students and the Dr. Naram Seva Foundation, perpetuating his vision of bringing ancient healing into every heart and home. His life's work and teachings are encapsulated in the celebrated book "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer."

The Six Secret Keys for Vibrant Health

Unlocking the Essence of Well-being

Centered around a holistic approach, these six secret keys provide a comprehensive framework for achieving vibrant health. Each element represents a fundamental aspect of well-being, offering a balanced and integrated path to health and vitality.

Diet and Nutrition

Nourish your body with foods that energize and heal, embracing a diet that aligns with your unique needs.


Cultivate daily habits and routines that support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Home Remedies

Utilize simple, effective remedies made from natural ingredients to address common health concerns.