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How to Transfer your Life with Moong Beans

Experience the benefits of the Marvelous Moong Soup Recipe – a nourishing recipe balancing all three doshas for holistic wellness. 

Become a Master at Making Moong Beans!

A Guide to Nourishing Your Body and Soul

Sometimes we need more than just food; we need nourishment that heals and balances our body and spirit.

This ancient recipe is not just a soup; it's a detoxifying elixir made with ingredients rich in healing properties, easily found in Asian/Indian food stores or online.

"If you change your food, you can change your future." - Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer

Get Clarity of Mind

Learn how to prepare this simple yet powerful soup, packed with detoxifying effects and nutrients that help clear away bodily toxins.

Embrace Holistic Wellness

Discover the ancient wisdom behind each ingredient – from whole green dried moong beans to healing spices like turmeric and cumin.

Strengthen Your Health

Follow easy steps to create a soup that aids in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, especially beneficial for those with a sedentary lifestyle.

"This could have saved my brother!"

"This in not only a miracle but INSANE!!!! 
- Cholesterol dropped 127 points (49%)
- Triglycerides dropped 112 points (58%)
- LDL’s dropped 97 points (57%)
You can do it too!"


"This guide isn't just about making soup; it's about embracing a lifestyle of wellness and balance."

Dale Shipton

Do You Feel the Need to Rebalance and Detoxify Your Body?

Discover how this ancient recipe can be a cornerstone in your journey towards better health and well-being.

Easy to source ingredients
Step-by-step preparation
Benefits for mind, body, and spirit

Flexible in Your Diet

Learn how this soup can be adapted to various dietary needs, making it a perfect fit for everyone.

Powerful Detoxification

Understand the healing benefits of each ingredient and how they collectively work to detoxify and nourish your body.

Mindful Eating

Experience the mindfulness that comes with preparing and consuming food that is good for your body and soul.

Ancient Secrets for Healthy Weight Loss? (Plus Increased Energy & Clarity of Mind) - Moong Miracle

Mandy Perry

Mandy was looking for what she called the "trifecta" of health - but never found it. She wanted to find some diet or system that could help her with all these three things:
    1) Become her ideal weight
    2) Still have lots of energy
    3) Support her hormones and overall feeling of happiness
She tried so many diets and nothing worked! She may lose weight, but also lose energy and be grumpy.
In her desperation she even struggled with bulimia - and wasn't the kind of woman or mother that she wished she could be.
That is when she came across the book Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer and this very unexpected miracle happen...

"This guide is truly amazing and totally free - why not go for it?"

Dale Shipton

8 Ways This Moong Bean Soup Can Transform Your Life

Discover how integrating this simple recipe into your routine can lead to profound changes in your health and well-being.


The Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer organization embodies the profound legacy of Dr. Naram and the lineage of master healers. It is a tribute to ancient healing practices that have transformed lives for generations. This organization, catalyzed by Dr. Naram and Dr. Clint G. Rogers, aims to disseminate these age-old healing secrets globally. Driven by a team of dedicated volunteers, it promotes holistic wellness, treating mind, body, and spirit with traditional remedies and practices. Through education and empowerment, it makes ancient wisdom accessible in the modern world, continuing the legacy of healing and enriching lives across geographical and cultural boundaries.

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